Saturday, June 14, 2014

CLS 46th Commencement

        On June 14th, 2014, we gratefully celebrated our 46th Commencement in which 28 graduates received the following degrees:2 students for Master of Theology, 3 for Master of Care and Counseling, 7 for Master of Div., 15 for the Certificate for Grassroots Ministry, and 1 for Master Certificate in Lay Ministry.

President Weng
        Rei-Hen Weng, President of Tao-Sheng Theological Seminary, was invited to be the commencement speaker. He is also an outstanding alumni of CLS. President Weng used Matthew 10:16 to encourage the graduates to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. He especially mentioned people who received the calls from the Lord, must be ready to take up challenges and to endure  persecutions. Therefore, it is important to be flexible and wise as the snake while the challenge comes, and to be obedient and tender as the dove in following the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Missionary Ms. Anna Sæther
        After the sermon, the acting President, Dr. Yu and Dean of Academic Affairs, Ewrin Chen, awarded the degrees, Missionary Ms. Anna Sæther led the commission ceremony. Anna was from Norway Lutheran Mission. She devoted most of her life in Taiwan and spent a long period of time serving the CLS community. She was sent to Taiwan while she was a young women and now she prayed for those young graduates to keep preaching and serving faithfully for the Lord.   

Monday, June 17, 2013

CLS 45th Commencement

        On June 15th, we gratefully celebrated our 45th Commencement in which 22 graduates received the following degrees: 4 students for Master of Theology, 1 for Master of Div. with minor in Care and Counseling, 5 for M.A. Div., 9 for the Certificate for Grassroots Ministry, 1 for Bachelor of Theology, and 1 for Master certificate in Lay Ministry.

Dr. Samuel Liu
        Dr Samuel Liu (Hsiao-Yung Liu), Dean of Academic Affairs in China Evangelical Seminary North America, was invited to be the commencement speaker for he is the alumni of CLS and the candidate of the new president. Dr. Liu used John 21:15-19 to encourage the graduates to serve the Lord with fearless love, as Peter served the Lord faithfully though he had denied Jesus three times before. Only the Lord knows how much we love Him. Unless we answer the calling with sincere love, we can’t walk on the road of serving God without regrets.
Commission Ceremony
        After the sermon, the acting President, Dr. Yu and Dean of Academic Affairs, Ewrin Chen awarded the degrees and Rev. Fu-Hong Yeh led the commission ceremony. All of the participants prayed for those graduates and wished they would have a whole new start in their future ministry.

Monday, April 29, 2013

News of Campus in April

Car-wash for mission in Peru
        On April 10th, each member of CLS, no matter how old, how tall, and if knowing where Peru is or not, through car-wash we reach our hands to our sister Lutheran seminary in Peru. In fact, it’s raining in the morning, and we prayed the LORD to help us to have nice weather in the afternoon. The LORD is faithful, and we washed cars and motorcycles with joy and collected NTD12,932 for the Lutheran Seminary in Peru.   

Painting the walls by our guests
      Short-term mission team members from Holy Cross Lutheran Church, California, painted the walls of the classrooms on April 11th. Just as Jesus said, “Give, and it will be given to you”, we received this big gift with gratitude from those missionaries following the car-wash day! It’s a warm and beautiful present from them, and we really appreciate what they've done for us!

2013 Annual Meeting of the Association of Taiwan Theological Seminaries and Colleges
        CLS is a formal member of the Association of Taiwan Theological Seminaries and Colleges since 1982. This year, Rev. Dr. Yu is the chairperson and the meeting has been held at CLS on April 15th. There were total 11 seminaries attending the meeting, Rev. Dr. Yu gave a short sermon about becoming like children from Matthew 18:1-6 with an interesting story and impressive pictures. Through sharing one another’s updates and prayer requests, we really had a marvelous fellowship. It’s our honor to welcome those members to visit CLS since their last visit 6 years ago. We pray the Lord to use all of us to equip more and more faithful servants of God in Taiwan.